*Activities may change due to weather. An updated schedule will be posted at the motel office.

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5 October 2012

Pumpkin Festival

Date: 5 October 2012 00:00 to 07 October 2012 00:00

There is frost on the pumpkin and this is a sure sign that it is time to play! We will start out the weekend in search of that perfect pumpkin. Pick a good one, and get ready for pumpkin bowling! Join us to see what else we can do with Mr. Jack O'Lantern.

Pumpkin Festival at the Lantern Resort

Haywagon ride! Hop on and enjoy the foliage as we take you around the campground. Meet behind
the motel.
6:00 Arts & Crafts! Have fun creating a souveneir of your stay. We have a cute assortment of crafts to choose from. See you at the pavilion.
7:00 Campfire gathering! We'll be singing some of your favorite campfire songs and to end the evening a few ghost stories will be shared! Meet at the campfire circle.

Haywagon ride! Come sing some songs as you enjoy the scenery around the campground in an authentic haywagon. Hop on behind the motel.
6:00 Pumpkin-go-Seek! Have fun choosing the perfect pumpkin. Once you find the perfect pumpkin it will become yours for the rest of the weekend. You will start off by adopting it. You will give it a name and a make–over. Have fun decorating it before you introduce your pumpkin to your new friends. Lets all meet at the pavilion. Don't forget to take him/her home and return with it tomorrow night.
7:00 Build your own S'Mores! We provide the graham crackers and marshmallows. all you need is a stick and a chocolate bar. Everything you need can be found at the motel office. Meet at the campfire circle.

Haywagon ride! Come join us for the last ride of the season. Meet behind the motel.
6:00 Pumpkin Bowling! It's time to play with your special pumpkin friend. We'll line up your parents and your pumpkins as they cheer for you in some serious pumpkin bowling! Come join in the fun at the pavilion.
7:00 Candy Bar Bingo! Admission is one candy bar and the winners get all the candy! (Candy bars can be purchased at the motel office.) Meet at the pavilion.
8:00 Marshmallow roast! Meet at the campfire circle with a stick and enjoy roasting some
yummy marshmallows.

***Activities may change due to weather***

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